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London UPVC Coatings are specialist UPVC Paint sprayers

London UPVC Coatings can paint and make your uPVC look like new again. uPVC will fade in colour and its generally appearance will become less after a number of years. uPVC doors are easier to get to and clean but window frames and sills especially those on the first floor are not. If they are not cleaned properly the whole look will deteriorate.

If this happens after some years you may think 'shall replace my uPVC windows and doors?'  Up until recently this would have been the only option.

However now with professionally developed uPVC paints and specialist paint spraying equipment your fading uPVC can be painted. Our specialist uPVC sprayers will save you a lot of money when compared to having new UPVC doors and windows.

uPVC spraying will make the exterior of your house look new again.

Save £'s on replacing
Be House proud again!
Fancy another colour? No problem, we simple paint your uPVC!
London UPVC Grey Windows and Doors

UPVC Paint has a large selection of colours
It is now easier, quicker and durable to use.

Our Expertise & Efficiency
Our uPVC sprayers always provide a top quality job. No job is rushed although we do understand you want it completing as soon as possible. Most projects can be done in around 2 days.

No worries, our specialist uPVC paint is guaranteed 10 years against cracking, peeling and colour stability.

Choice of colours
There are certain colours that are more popular than others, we have listed some below. We also get asked to match to colours from many paint manufacturers which we can do.
Colour Range

We are happy to talk through your colour options.

Here are some of the most  popular UPVC paint colours :

UPVC Spray Coating in London Pale Green 6021London UPVC Spray Coating Brown Beige 1011UPVC Spray Coating London Anthracite Grey 7016London UPVC Spray Coating Dusty Grey 7037UPVC Spray Coating in London Jet Black 9005
British Standard Colours Chart for London UPVC Spray PaintingDulux LogoRAL Colour Chart for London UPVC Spray Painting

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