London UPVC Coating Conservatory Spraying

London UPVC Coating Conservatory Spraying

UPVC Conservatory Spraying

Is your UPVC conservatory looking tired or out of date?

Save on going to the expense of a brand new conservatory, our uPVC paint spraying service can transform your conservatory quickly, and with minimal disruption to your home
Just as with your upvc windows and doors you can choose from a wide variety of different colours which will have your conservatory looking like new, and saving you a fortune in the process. Our team are happy to talk through the colour and finish options.

London UPVC Coatings offers a UPVC conservatory spraying service that can totally transform the look of your home

Our UPVC paint is the most up to date across the industry, bonding to the door surface, rather than sticking to it, allowing it to flex as the plastic expands and retracts throughout the year. This eliminates any cracking or flaking.
As further assurance we offer a 10 year guarantee.

The most popular colour of choice for a UPVC sprayed conservatory is Anthracite Grey.

London UPVC Coating Conservatory Spraying in Anthracite Grey

All our work comes with a 10 year guarantee

London UPVC Coating Conservatory Spraying Process

The Process

To start the process our specialist spray paint team will if possible remove the door safely and securely from its position and gently prepare the exterior surface for the paint by cleaning off dirt, mould and removing and any flaking UPVC or paint. The next step of the process is to use a primer to remove the appearance of any scratches or indents in the conservatory frame and make sure there are no holes or damage on the conservatory.

We then mask the glass panels and protective film the surrounding areas if necessary, this protects from over spray and spatter. The bespoke spray paint is then applied by our team of specialist time served paint spray technicians using the latest spray painting equipment.

The paint thats gone onto your conservatory will be touch dry in a matter of minutes and we will then assess the quality of finish and will only finish when we are 100% satisfied the work is completed to the highest standard. We will then consult the home owner for confirmation they are fully satisfied.

British Standard Colours Chart for London UPVC Spray PaintingDulux LogoRAL Colour Chart for London UPVC Spray Painting

London Upvc Coating Can:

  • Save money – spraying costs far less than a replacement conservatory
  • Immediately transform the look of tired, outdated UPVC conservatory and transform the look of your home
  • Protect your UPVC Conservatory from weather damage
  • Change colour and recondition your conservatory
  • Make your existing conservatory last longer
  • Choice of colours available and finishes
  • All work provided with a 10 year guarantee

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UPVC Conservatory Spraying for London.

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