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UPVC Painters in Milton Keynes

Our team of professional UPVC painters will save you time and money compared to replacing your UPVC windows, doors, conservatory and even kitchen cabinets

Our UPVC painters are experts in spray paint and UPVC coatings

We have the ability to spray paint onto any surface like UPVC which is very popular, but we can spray paint wood, metal, MDF etc.

Our team of UPVC painters cover Buckinghamshire with a lot of customers from Milton Keynes covering the postcode areas MK1 TO MK46.

Working within the heart of Milton Keynes from MK1 we are specialist UPVC window spray painters Milton Keynes as well as UPVC door spray painters Milton Keynes.

UPVC Painting is the fastest and most cost effective way to transform and modernise your home

Spray painting windows and doors for example in comparison to replacing them is a fairly small job but the results make a huge impact.

Whether you choose to spray your UPVC windows, colour change your exterior door paint, or you fancy a kitchen respray, our UPVC spray painters will make it happen.

UPVC Spray Painting Milton Keynes in Anthracite Grey

UPVC Painters using Sage Green Milton Keynes

How do you paint Over UPVC?

Over recent years the knowledge and development in paint has meant painting UPVC is not much of an unknown.

Painting UPVC is now an accepted service so the public have confidence in the finished work. Previously people did not think this could be done without the worry of the paint flaking off as soon as it was done.

Spray painting equipment and techniques are now used and are proven, so much so that we can offer a full 10 year guarantee.

We have developed our paint spraying techniques by completing home after home in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire and the London area.

Whether it's windows, doors, conservatories or kitchen units, our teams work is always to the standard you would expect.

UPVC Spray Painting Milton Keynes

The UPVC spray paint that we use is the best in the industry. It gives the very best finish with long lasting protection.

This means no matter how old and tired your UPVC looks, our team of spray painters in Milton Keynes will repaint and bring it back to look like new again.

The paint used also gives a new layer of protection against the sun and general grime. On top of all this we also give a 10 year guarantee on our UPVC painting.

UPVC Spray Painting Windows and Doors in Milton Keynes

Top tips for painting UPVC

1. Preparation is key

To get the best finish when painting uPVC windows you will need to prep properly before painting.

Poor preparation will mean a shorter life span of the paint applied.

The surface needs to be dirt and grease free and sanding will help the paint adhere to the surface better.

2. Do you need a primer when painting UPVC?

Many paint manufacturers advise their paint does not need a primer. However to get a really good durable long-lasting finish on the exterior of a house, a primer makes good sense.

3. Applying the paint

The easy option to paint UPVC is to use a brush, many DIYers will use this method. The problem is to avoid the dreaded brush strokes showing. The other option if you want to do it yourself is to use a roller. The problem with a roller is that loading it up too much will soon use your paint. Neither of these options will leave the surface looking as smooth as UPVC.

If you want a super smooth finish the only option is to use a paint sprayer. But it takes experience to use one properly, our team of paint sprayers have many years experience.

4. What is the best paint for painting UPVC?

Once you have chosen a good primer there is a choice of paint from the major manufacturers. What makes a good paint is down to personal choice. For example do you want one that is easier to apply while levelling itself, once that dries quickly, one that has a huge choice of colours, one that can be mixed to match a colour, one that gives the best long lasting protection.

We have years of experience and believe we use the very best paint for our spraying needs.

5. What choices of coloured paint are there?

We have so many colour options available and also the ability to match to existing colours.

Here are 3 great sources of colours to choose from:

You can choose from tons of gorgeous paint colours in the RAL colour chart. Any colour you want can do the trick to make your home or commercial property look brand new!

All our work comes with a 10 year guarantee

British Standard Colours Chart for London UPVC Spray PaintingDulux LogoRAL Colour Chart for London UPVC Spray Painting

UPVC painters Milton Keynes can:

  • Save money – spraying UPVC costs far less than replacing
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Immediately transform the look of tired, outdated UPVC windows, doors, conservatories & kitchen cabinets
  • Protect your UPVC from weather damage
  • Change & recolour your existing UPVC
  • Make your existing windows, doors & conservatories last longer
  • All work provided with a 10 year guarantee

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